Gross Gartach

District of Heilbronn
Incorporated into:  1970 Leingarten
State:  Wurttemberg
Orgin/Meaning :

The Arms show the patron saint St. Lawarence with the Palm Leaf and Grill. The Patron Saint already appears on the Oldest Seal of the Village (One of the Oldest Village Seals in Wurttemberg), dating from 1379.  Two later Seals, from the 15th and 18th Century, both show the same composition.  The Saint first appears in a Shield on a building in Stuttgart from 1583.

The Arms were officially proposed in 1938.   The State Archives wanted to use only the Grill as Arms, but the local Council wanted to continue the Historical composition.  The State Archives proposed several other designs, not showing the Saint, nor te Grill, but the Council did not approve of any of these.  The Arms were finally granted in 1957.

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